Your table can last a lifetime.

We build each table with integrity. When it's enjoyed and cared for as recommended, we guarantee it will last generations. We hand deliver each piece with basic care instructions, as well as a complimentary Care Kit to protect your table’s finish.


Our Finish: We finish each piece with plant-based ingredients derived from natural oils and waxes. This means your table is strong and safe for your family. It’s water resistant, and can handle heat up to 212 degrees. Because of its natural makeup, it’s important to avoid commercial cleaners and harsh chemicals that can weaken the finish.

Care Instructions

Routine Care: To keep your table clean, simply dust regularly with a soft dry cloth. When necessary, you can wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth.

Stain Removal:

  1. First, try wiping the stain with a damp cloth.
  2. If you still see a stain, spray with our Routine Cleaner and wipe with wet cloth.
  3. If the stain is still evident, spray with Spot Cleaner and wipe with wet cloth.

If you have specific questions about caring for your table, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Cutting Boards

Your board can last a lifetime.

Rooted cutting boards are made out of American White Oak and Walnut. To ensure the best quality cutting board, we orient the wood with the grain facing upwards; this is also known as a butcher block. By facing the grain upwards, the cutting boards become self-healing, impact-resistant, and far less dulling to knives and cutlery. 

To care for your board, we recommend following these guidelines. 

  • Never submerge it in water
  • Never place it in a dishwasher
  • Avoid areas of concentrated heat and hot skillets/pots
  • Avoid serrated knives, as they will damage most cutting boards

Your new cutting board should be climatized so that it can adapt to its new environment. Apply Rooted Board Butter weekly for the first month. After that, we recommend a monthly treatment to prevent the wood fibers from drying out.


Clean your board by using a damp cloth to remove surface crumbs and dirt. 
For stains and sticky residue, apply a small amount of mild soap to the rough side of a sponge, scrub, then rinse with warm water. If additional cleaning is required, you can rub your board with salt and lemon juice.

After cleaning your board, we recommend applying Rooted Board Butter to prevent the wood from drying out. Apply a liberal amount, allow the board to absorb and then buff off the excess butter.  

Never apply baking soda to your board; it will interact with the oils and stain the wood permanently.