It all started with a girl and a bench.

When I lived in New York City, I was dating a girl and one day, she mentioned that she needed a bench for her apartment. So naturally - having never built anything in my life - I told her I’d make one for her. No problem!
I found some wood in my parents’ yard and built the dream bench she was looking for. I was so proud and she was so happy. (Little did I know, the wood was infested with beetles that would later creep into her apartment - but that’s another story for another day.)

That bench taught me a lot. I realized how much I loved working with my hands, creating something from nothing, and that if I wanted to do this again, I had a lot to learn. In my spare time, I began taking woodworking classes in Brooklyn. Woodworking slowly started occupying more of my time... and space. Remember the bench girl I was dating? She stuck around, and I somehow convinced her to turn half of our tiny Manhattan apartment into a woodshop.

Not long after, we decided to pack our bags and head to Boulder, Colorado for more space and more trees. I attended the Red Rocks School of Woodworking and spent all of my spare time in my garage shop. Woodworking had become more than a hobby; It was all I wanted to do.

During our move to Boulder, every piece of furniture we owned had broken, and I wasn’t happy with the furniture buying process. I saw two avenues to buy furniture, and both had their flaws: You can buy an affordable piece from a superstore (which is landfill-bound and assembled out of dust and glue), or you can spend a fortune going to a high-end store, but you still don’t get a say in what you want. In the best of circumstances, you get to choose the size and stain.


It was then that I decided to start my own business and in 2018, Rooted was born.

The car you drive, the watch you sport, the type of clothes you wear... most things you own speak to your identity. So why compromise when it comes to furniture?

Unlike the ordinary, everyday furniture business, Rooted gives you the freedom to customize pieces with ease. You can choose from our main designs, or we’ll work with you to create something that represents your style while staying within a budget.

All of Rooted’s products are built right here in Boulder. We strive for heirloom- quality, so we use solid hardwood, classic joinery techniques, and minimal hardware. When you buy a piece from Rooted, you’ll never need to replace it. In fact, you’ll pass it down for generations.

All of us at Rooted are conscious of our fragile environment and the natural resources we utilize. We only use responsibly-forested wood, and give back by planting a tree for every product sold. We are committed to leaving the world better than we found it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering... that “bench girl” I was dating? She married me, we bought a house, and now have a baby boy. All thanks to a piece of wood, a bit of adventure, and believing that everyone deserves beauty in their lives.